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Nonprofit Accounting

Whether an organization is required to have an audit is determined by the dollar amount of contributions they receive in a year or if it is a requirement of a funding source. In Wisconsin audited financial statements are required if contributions are in excess of $500,000 in a year.
Fund accounting is an accounting system for recording resources whose use has been limited by the donor, grant authority, governing agency, or other individuals or organisations or by law.
Preparing your financial records for an audit begins with processes that are employed throughout the year. These processes exist across positions in your organization and require consistency and monitoring. See the Non Profit page for details on how we can help.
The auditor is engaged to render an opinion on whether an organizations financial statements are presented fairly. In doing so they will evaluate internal controls, confirm accounts receivable and other accounts with third parties, analyze expected or unexpected account balances or transactions, and test documentation supporting account balances.

Profit First

Profit First is a cash management system that works with typical human behavior to drive efficiency and profit in your business.
Yes. The goal being to narrow your focus in the various areas that you are funding.
The engagement is three phases. First the Profit Assessment, second development of the roll out plan which includes training of involved parties, third the monitoring relationship.
Yes!! While they operate as a NON profit an organization most certainly needs to operate efficiently and manage cash to accomplish their mission. Having Reserve funds is highly recommended for sustaining the future.


Full Service Payroll and After the Fact Payroll. See the Payroll page.
Yes. This is considered "After the Fact Payroll". You can process the pay in house and then provide us with the documentation. We will then keep you compliant with withholding remitting and payroll reporting.
Hours can emailed or text our Payroll Processing team member.
Yes direct deposit is available with the Full Service Payroll service.


Out goal is to provide the client with the specific services they need to be successful. This can range from full outsource to quarterly review. See the Services page for more information.
It depends on what we determine to be the level of service you desire. At the very least you will need to record and deposit funds as they come in and review vendor bills on some regular basis.
No. We will use QuickBooks to accomplish the bookkeeping tasks necessary to provide you with the financial information that you need and you can continue to operate as you have.
We use QuickBooks Destop and QuickBooks Online exclusively for the accounting function. We also use various QuickBooks friendly apps such as Bill.com, Hubdoc, and Gusto.

Quickbooks Training

We are ProAdvisors in QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier and QuickBooks Online.
Typically a good base of operation can be taught in two hours.
The best training takes place in your place of business using your current software set up.
Small group training can be done. However, the best experience occurs when all participants can work with their own application at their own computer.


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