Structure for a Healthy, Highly Functioning Organization

Does your staff know how to maintain the accounting records for the annual audit or review?  Did you know that often the cost of the audit/review is driven by the condition the records are in when audited?  Does the Treasurer and  Finance Committee understand their roles?  Does the organization have internal controls that protect it from fraud? 

Advantage Accounting Solutions can train your staff to implement on-going processes that take place through out the year to keep your records ready to be audited and in compliance with the latest FASB (Federal Accounting Standards Board) standards.  We will work with the  auditor to facilitate a smooth and efficient audit process.   We can help you develop accounting policies and procedures to assure consistency within the record keeping function as well as job descriptions and timelines for your volunteers.




 Be the best you can be with our consultative, advisory, and training services.

Accounting Policy & Procedure Manual Development

Internal Control Assessment

Functional Accounting & Net Asset Reporting

Audit Prep

Treasurer & Finance Committee Role & Responsibility Development

Staff Training/Best Practices

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